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Welcome to my video page. In addition to my most recent collaboration with a great lineup of musicians for "Drinking My Tomorrows," I have in the past had the privilege of recording and performing my poetry with a full band of talented artists. Please check out these videos to see us in action! The line up is:

(From left to right)  Dave, Andy, Brian, Renee, Marty, Edo
Song: Brokedown Palace
Poem: Epilogue ( A Heart)
Song: River of Time
Poem: Ascension/The Story of Light
Song: Sister Moon  
Poem: A Virgin Birth
Song: Gulf of Araby
Poem: Reliquary/Trinity
These videos were taped at the Beyond Baroque Literary Arts Center in Venice, CA on June 4, 2016. These and other cuts from my Mystical Prism of Being CD can be heard on CD Baby 

Brian Michael Tracy - Voice, Narration

Andy Hill - GuitarsPiano, Vocals

Renee Safier - Acoustic guitar, Vocals

Marty Rifkin - Pedal steel, electric guitar

Edo Tancredi - Drums

Dave Batti - Bass

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